Admiral Robert Blake


Extract from the Admiral Blake Museum 'Official Guide' 

'Eldest of a merchant's twelve sons, Robert Blake was born at Bridgwater in August 1598. Educated at Grammar School and at Oxford, he seems to have carried on his fathers business and lived an uneventful life in the country until he was 40. He started his parliamentary career in 1640 as Member for Bridgwater. He served under Popham in Somerset, at the seige of Bristol, the defence of Lyme against Prince Maurice in 1644, and at the defence of Taunton which held out for nearly a year and proved a turning point in the war.'

'Admiral Blake taught the world that none but an Englishman should chastise an Englishman'


Blake has given his name to much of Bridgwater, including Blake School, opened in 1957, the tercentenary of his death, various Bed & Breakfasts and other establishments.