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Visit our website: www.cavalierscc.co.uk

Club members outside the New Market HotelCavaliers Carnival Club is based at The New Market Hotel on Bath Road in Bridgwater. A fairly varied bunch of individuals who some people say are quite mad but harmless!

Cavaliers Carnival Club was born way back in 1937, making it the second oldest in current existence. It was based at the Coronation Inn, and went by the glorious name of 'Coronoddies Carnival Club'.

In 1946 due to a move to the Golden Lion the name changed to 'The Golden Lion Carnival Club'.

Our current president Ivor Treeby was a one of the members of ‘Golden Lion CC’, the clubs biggest success was in 1955 with the entry Ancient Egyptians which won them the Kerr Cup, Hardy Spicer Cup, Hoteliers Cup, County Cup.

In the early 1980's the club moved headquarters to The Crown Inn and became 'The Crown Cavaliers Carnival Club'.42nd Street - Cast and Crew

1996 saw a move to The New Market Hotel and a further name change to the 'Cavaliers Carnival Club', as they are known today. We share the home base of the New Market Hotel, hosted by Jeff and Trina Slocombe, along with Wilfs Carnival Club and New Market Carnival Club.

Whilst unable to match the runaway success of the ‘ancient Egyptians’ Cavaliers have had some Merry Christmas - Cart Entry 2001success in recent years, winning best improved on road & stage in the year 2000, with the stage show 42nd Street and the cart entry ‘Showstoppers’

Cavalier’s C.C. can be contacted at the New Market Hotel or through the clubs web site at www.cavalierscc.co.uk


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