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Calling '999'

In an emergency you should always dial '999'.

Callers who use mobile phones to dial '999' should be aware that due to the different base stations used by phone companies, the call may be answered by a police operator in another part of the country. If you have to make an emergency call from a mobile phone please tell the operator immediately where you are phoning from so that your call is dealt with by the appropriate police force.

Here is a simple guide to help you when calling '999'

1. Before you phone, write down or make a note of the location of the emergency and the telephone number that you are calling from.

This may sound obvious, but in a crisis it's the simple things that are forgotten.

2. The first person you speak to will be the BT or Telephone Company operator who will ask:


3. Ask for either Police, Fire or Ambulance - which ever is approriate.


If you ask for the Fire Service you will be connected to the Fire Brigade Operator and you will hear the telephone number you are calling from being repeated.
The Fire Brigade Operator will want to know a number of things:-
1. The name and number of the house or building if relevant.
2. The road or street name.
3. The town or village name.
4. The nature of the incident:- Fire; Road Traffic Accident etc.
5. If the incident is in the open you may be asked for other information such as landmarks.
Do not panic; the operators are highly trained and will guide you calmly through the process.


If you ask for the Ambulance Service the operator will connect you and give the Dispatch Centre your number.

1. You will then speak to Ambulance Call Taker who will ask you; "Where do you want the ambulance to go to?"

2. As soon as the Ambulance Service knows the location of the incident an ambulance is sent.

3. DO NOT HANG UP, the Call Taker will then ask you some questions about the incident.

This does not delay the ambulance - it is already on its way to you.

4. You will then be asked some details about the condition of the patient or patients and the nature of the emergency. This information will be sent to the crew while they are travelling to you.

5. The call taker may offer you advice that will allow you to help the patient while the ambulance is on route to you.

Do not hang up until you are told to do so by the ambulance call taker.

6. You will be asked to confirm the location of the emergency and the number you are calling from.

Try to stay calm.

Police - website

Bridgwater Police Station
Tel: 01275 818181

Fire Brigade - website

Bridgwater Fire Station
Salmon Parade
Tel: 01278 444031 24hr

Hospital - website

Taunton & Somerset Hospital
Musgrove Park
Tel. 01823 333444

Other Emergency Services  
Childline 0800 111111
Gas Escapes 0800 111999 (24hrs)
Electricity 0345 651651 (24hrs)
Wessex Water 0345 300600
Environment Agency (Pollution) 0800 807060
Flood Line 0845 988 1188


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