Guide Notes for Free Page Inclusion


The FREE space available for Charities, Groups and Associations of a NON-PROFIT or CHARITABLE status amounts to approximately one full side of A4. This space is roughly equivalent to two computers screens of information excluding the title block. is not concerned with accurate measurement of this space only that the information is correct, concise and relevant to the subject.

Page Content

  • Terms and Conditions

These are available for viewing if full on the Bridgwater Web Site, address above. All entries are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

The information provided must include the following.

  • Name of the Group
  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Telephone and Fax Numbers - If a mobile telephone number is provided it must be in addition to either an address or land line telephone number/s
  • Email address (if available)
  • Purpose of the Group

A short paragraph or two describing the goal or purpose of the group. In the case of a Registered Charity please include the Registration Number AND the contact information for the Charities Registered Office.

Optional Information

  • Alternative Web Site

This will only be included for REGISTERED CHARITIES

  • Photographs

Please include two or three color photographs which are suitable for publication (If you include a S.A.E. they will be returned). Pictures make web pages interesting and increase your chances of the public actually reading the text.

  • Other Printed Material or Logo’s

If you wish that we include other printed material, either text or pictures this is possible provided that you the entrant have use of the copyright of such material. (See Terms and Conditions on the Web Site)

  • Events for the year

Details of any fund raising or other events for the next 12 months

  • Meetings

If the Group meets publicly on a regular basis give the venue and times of such meetings. If you have any membership conditions please detail.

  • Public Involvement

If you are looking for new members or helpers please detail requirement

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