You would like your own site? - What do you need to do ?

The following is a guide to what you have to do to set up your own DOMAIN, this is where you choose the URL or address of the site (Providing someone's not beaten you to it!) and then how to get pages published onto your new address.....

  • Register your DOMAIN. On the previous page you can click on the "Register Domain" banner and you will be then asked to type in the URL that you would like, e.g. The search engine will then see if this name has already been taken by someone else. This costs you nothing!, If the name has not been taken you will get the opportunity to buy it or if it has been taken you will be advised on suggested alternatives which you can accept or you can think of a new name and start again.

The current cost of registering a domain, via Verio, is a one off fee of U.S. $119 of which U.S. $70 is the fixed international fee to InterNIC, the Internet Organization.

Once you have chosen your DOMAIN NAME you now need somewhere to put it?

You need some space on a internet server, that is a computer which is connected permanently to the internet. This is NOT your home or business P.C. After much research we have decided to use the VERIO service of CompuServe one of the largest I.P. providers in the world. And as such they can offer a superb service. The amount you pay depends entirely on either the size of you site, the amount of traffic (visitors) it has and the facilities you require. This charge currently starts at U.S. $24.99 per month for a 50 Megabyte site.

  • Get a Hosting Service. On the previous page you can click on the "Hosting Service" banner and from here you can select the type of service you think you will require. suggests that you start with the basic service as it's very easy to upgrade and it will take quite some time for you to fill 50Mb anyway 

Now what?

Well you are now ready to publish your Web Site on to the Internet. What you now do is contact us at to help you design you site and get you up and running a.s.a.p.

You have already seen our fees for managing sites in our Terms and Conditions but we do charge a bit extra to design a whole web for you. How much?, that is very difficult to say because we don't yet know what you have in mind but to give you an idea the Bridgwater Town Web Site would cost you probably some thousands of pounds but that is going to be a bit big for most businesses. The average business web site has about ten standard pages plus a page for each product or service it is offering. The standard pages are the Home Page, Sub Menus, Contents Page and Response Page and their Confirmation Pages. If your requirement is standard without too much personalization our charge to put these together for you would be about £50, what ever else you would like would be subject to negotiation. All this would be sorted out with you in writing BEFORE you committed yourself. Remember the design charges are a one-off, unless you wished to redesign your whole site.

What about the future?

At any time you wished, subject to the notice required by our Terms and Conditions, we would relinquish control of your site and you could take it over yourself. Web Sites remain your property and can be easily transferred to different Service Providers or different Managing Agents rather like changing Credit Cards, all you have to do is issue the instructions. Some businesses will grow to become large organizations and as such would be quite capable of running their own site. Be reminded however that if your remove your site from our control it would be removed from our links which is the reason for it being with us in the first place.

A good corporate web site and it's associated URL is a very valuable asset of that business and it's well worth getting hold of your URL as soon as possible.

Anything Else?

If you have any further questions about Commercial Web Sites then send us an Email to our Web Master

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